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Welcome to the home page of JFortune. This program is a port of the famous BSD game fortune. I have written this program in JAVA so as to provide a platform independent version of this great utility. I am also hoping to improve on the features provided by the original application. I have written this program on a Debian sid box using JAVA SDK version 1.4.2. I have tested this program on a MAC OS X box. However i have not compiled or executed this program on a windows machine yet but i am pretty sure windows users should not have much of a problem with it.

This program currently can only be run via the command line. It is ideal for use with various e-mail clients like pine,mutt etc. to insert random quotes at the end of your e-mail or for displaying a random quote when a user logs into your unix box. A more advanced application could be to display random tips in your program.
You can download the latest version here and you can read the documentation here.

Some Features


Feel free to navigate this site to gather more information about JFortune. You can download packages from here.

Some screenshots from the graphical interface for jfortune(jfortuneui):

Screenshot of main window Screenshot of the About Window Screenshot of the Syntax Tab

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