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Install Instructions

Download a version of jfortune from here(I would recommentd getting the latest version) and un-archive it. To install it, change into the un-archived directory and run the install-fortune.sh script. You will need to be root for this. If you do not have root access on the machine you are trying to install, you will have to edit the install-fortune.sh script and tell it to install the various files to a different location and then copy the jfortune script into a directory in your path. Another thing you could do is just put the jfortune and jstrfile script into a directory in your path and then edit it to reflect the path to the un-archived directory. You could also just execute the program using the following command:

      rmanocha@prophecy:~$ java -jar dev/org/jfortune/src/jfortune.jar (your options/files here)

where you would give the path to the jar file(instead of dev/org/jfortune/src/).
The installation is as easy as this.

Update Instructions:(available since version 0.5)

To update from an older version of jfortune, all you have to do is download the new version of jfortune from here. After un-archiving the downloaded file, change into the newly created directory and run the update-fortune.sh script. If you had edited the install-fortune.sh script before install jfortune or have been using a straight java command to run the program, you will then have to update using your own skills.

Running Instructions

To run jfortune simply call the jfortune script. If you use the install-fortune.sh script to install jfortune, then all you have to do is issue a command which looks something like this:

      rmanocha@prophecy:~$ jfortune (your options/files here)

You can issue the following command to get a usage summary for jfortune:

      rmanocha@prophecy:~$ jfortune -h

However, if you have installed jfortune in a user specified directory/location, you will need to adjust accordingly to run jfortune.

CVS access instructions.

You can access the cvs tree anonymously to get the latest source code that is being written. To do this, you will need to issue the following two commands(in a writable directory) :

       cvs -d ':pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/jfortune' login

just hit enter for the password, and issue this command next:

      cvs -z3 -d ':pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/jfortune' checkout src

This will fetch for you, the latest source code from the project. To compile all the java files, issue the following command:

      javac *.java

and then to run jfortune, you will need to issue this command:

      java jfortuneclass (your options/files here).

You can also edit the bash scripts and use those for execution.

Which all platforms has jfortune been tested on?

I develop JFortune on a Debian Linux box so it has been tested extensively on Linux. I have also tested it on a MAC OS X box, a windows XP box, Cygwin and Solaris. The jar file included in the package should work on all these platforms. I cannot say the same about the bash scripts. Those were created with a Linux box in mind. I know for a fact that the scripts dont work on Cygwin. Since I don't have root on any other box, I cannot test the scripts any place else.

I get an error while running jfortune.

The main problems I had faced while running jfortune was a misconfigured CLASSPATH variable. You can read about this here. The process is somewhat similar on other platforms and if you search google for documentation, you will definitely find some for your platform.
I do not know of any other problems. If you do face any, please submit a bug report and I will try to do my best correct the error.

Where can i get the source code for versions 0.4 and below??

The source code is included in version 0.4 and below in the archives. These version do not use jar files to execute jfortune and hence you have to use the traditional java command to execute the program. Check the jfortune script included if you want to learn more.

When are javadocs going to be available?

I really dont know. I have been thinking of getting to writing the correct docs to the various methods but have just not gotten to them yet. Hopefully I will do the needfull soon. Let me know if you need them urgently and I will try to get them up ASAP then.

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