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11th February: Not much activity

I am back in town now (from a wonderfull vacation) and am busy with classes and work (and some interviewing). I am not going to have much time to write much code for jfortune. However, I am not declaring this project dead yet since if and when I do find the time or find myself having nothing much to do, I will come back and play with it. In the mean time, if some has suggestions of features to add to jfortune, please mail me or leave a message in the message group.

27th October: Sorry for no new releases/updates.

As some of you might have noticed, I have not released a new version of jfortune. Infact, I havent even done any work on jforune in the last month or so. This is primarily because school has got me in pretty tight and I am more involved with my other project gavamail. I will do some work on jfortune when I get some more time(which will probably not be until this winter). I hope version 0.6 was good enough to hold on till then...:).

3rd October: JFortune version 0.6 released

Version 0.6 has been released. This version adds many options to jfortune. Check the changelog to learn about them.
You can see a list of the files here. The src files have also been added. They contain the javadocs for jfortune. Read the INSTALL file to learn how to compile jfortune using ANT.
Hope you guys like this released.Enjoy.

30th September: Build file for ANT added.

I have been playing around with ANT a bit lately and have created a very basic build file. You can get it here. This file will only help people who know how to use it so I am not going to put documentation for it just yet. When I have made a better build file, I will put up documentation for building jfortune with ANT. Oh and just so you know, this only applies to jfortune version 0.5 and up and only for people who download the source files or grab the source code from CVS.

25th September

I think I am done making the GUI for jfortune. it is called jfortuneui and is located in the CVS repository under module GUI. I have not released it yet since there is a small problem I am having with the About window. I can open it but then no button click events on it work. I am thinking of making my own method for displaying that window. Lets see how things go. I have two midterms coming up next week so I might not be able to do much until those are over.Enjoy.

19th Sep. 2004: JavaDocs up

I have finally done up the doumentation for jfortune, created java docs and posted them up. You can get them here. Hope these are fine. Let me know if you need more explanation on any of the methods.

17th Sep. 2004: Building GUI for jfortune

I have recently developed an urge to learn GUI designing and programming. I have started developing a GUI for jfortune using the java-gnome library. I am still in the learning stages so all I have for now is a window with menu items. For now I just hope to be able to display the window according to the size of the quote and actually display the quote inside the window. I dont know where I will go from there.
To checkout the source code checkout the GUI module from cvs. Instructions on accessing cvs can be found here. checkout GUI instead of src.

13th Sep. 2004: More command line arguments supported.

I have been editing the jfortune source code. jfortune now supports -e and -f style arguments from the original fortune. I am still waiting to release a new version since I want to allow for user passing percentage options to jfortune too. This might be a bit tricky. As soon as i get this done, I will release version 0.6. Oh another small change is that a newline is not printed at the end of each quote. So you don't have a new line everytime a quote is printed out. Also, when parsed the -w argument, jfortune waits for a time determined by the length of the cookie and not the default 3 seconds. Let me know if you think that parsing a time value through the command line arguments would be desirable and I will work on that.
If you are interested in all these features and cant wait for the next release, you can download the source code from the cvs tree. Instructions for doing this are available here. Enjoy

7th Sep. 2004: Sample fortune cookie files posted.

I have posted a couple of sample fortune cookie files for those who wanna learn how to write some themselves. These files are the ones i test jfortune with so they work perfectly.
You can get a bunzipped file here and a gunzipped file here.

6th Sep. 2004: JFortune 0.5 out.

JFortune version 0.5 is out. There are quiet a few changes in this version and hence i strongly recommend anyone using jfortune to upgrade to this version. I have added an update script which will upgrade the program for you. Read the documentation here.
Check the changelog for further information.
You can see a list of all the files here. You can download a tar.bz2 archive here, a zip archive here and a .tar.gz(tarred gunzip) here. I have not put the sources in these files. You can get an archived source file here or you can checkout the CVS tree here.You can read instructions for downloading/installing/executing files downloaded from CVS here.
Hope you like this release.

20th August 2004: JFortune is now on Sourceforge

JFortune is now hosted on sourceforge.The project page is here. You can see a list of all available releases here .
I have been trying to get all the files into cvs but have been unsuccesfull so far. I will try my best to get them in ASAP.
I will also try to get a dedicated page for jfortune at SF ASAP.

Update: 16th August 2004

This is just to let everyone know what is going on with jfortune these days.
I have again made some significant changes in the way jfortune works. There is now a different program that needs to be run for creating the .num files. This helps me reduce the no. of checks I have to make in the main program. This way, if the file chosen to give the cookie does not have a .num file , jfortune exits with a error message and does not bother about anything else.This is quiet in line with the way the fortune package works.
I am also currently implementing provisions for passing options to jfortune to display various options. I have written 3 or 4 already but am not happy with the implementation. I think I can do better and hence I am waiting before releasing another version here.
I am also waiting for the space I will get on SF to host this project. I am in dire need of version controlling since I change the code on almost a daily basis and am not left with much of a choice than make changes in the same file. another 8 days and I should have that available. Hopefully I will become much more organised then.
If you have any comments, leave a note in my Guestbook or mail me.

10th August 2004: JFortune 0.4 is out.

Finally...after a really long break, I have redone some of the code for jfortune and am posting release 0.4 here. Get this release if you have been using jfortune since this one in theory should be much more faster. It also cleans up on the way jfortune handles multiple files. You can find a changelog here.You can get the package here and a zip archive here. Hope you enjoy this release. I have also included a todo list in the package. Please do look over it and see if you can make any suggestions.

18th March 2004: JFortune 0.3 is out.

JFortune 0.3 is out.The major changes in this distribution are that the jfortune script works perfect now.A couple other errors in the code have been corrected too.I have also commented the source code so that anyone who might be interested in making changes to it can do so without having to scratch their head(or another more important part of the body) off.Grab it here and a zip archive here.

8th March, 2004: JFortune 0.2 is out.

JFortune 0.2 is out.The major change here is that jfortune now accepts multiple files as input and outputs a quote randomly selected from these given files.Get it here.

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